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Friday, September 23, 2005

Felted Basket

This is a handy basket for hauling around your UFOs . I like it because it's shallow and can easily hold most of any project. As shown, the sides are approximately 3 1/2 inches high.

2 skeins Elann's Highland Peruvian Wool in Coffee
4 skeins Elann's Highland Peruvian Wool in Dusky Lavender

Size 11 DPN and Size 13 circular needles


Working with two strands throughout, with DPNs and the darker yarn, cast on 8 stitches, leaving a long tail. Divide the stitches between 4 needles, 2 to a needle. Being careful not to twist, knit each stitch around.

Next round, increase one stitch at the beginning of each needle by knitting into the front and back of the stitch - 12 stitches (3 on each of the four needles). Continue in this manner, increasing in the first stitch until there are 30 stitches on each needle (120 total). Next round change to the size 13 circular needles and purl two rounds. Then change to your contrasting color, still working two strands of yarn together, and knit until the sides of the basket measure 7 inches. You will have yarn left over, so if you'd like your basket to be deeper, just keep going. When you are satisfied with the height of the basket, purl two rounds and then bind off.Using the long tail, weave through the hold in the bottom of the basket. Weave in, or knot and cut closely (the felting will take care of the ends) the loose ends.

For the handles, make two I-cords using the darker yarn. If you are making the shallow basket pictured, make the handles 30 inches long. If you are making a taller basket you'll have to just figure out how much shorter you want the handles. They will shrink about and inch or two. When you have your two I-cords, tie the two together with an overhand knot, leaving two tails about 3 inches long. (This close up shows the unfelted basket with the handles attached to the purled ridge at the top.) Fold your basket in half and measure a side to find out where the center point it. Mine was 23" a side so my center point was at 11 inches. I centered the knot there and sewed the little tails evenly on each side. Twist the I-cords together, knot the other side and repeat.

To felt, put the bag into a lingerie bag or a pillow case. Set your washing machine on small load, hot wash, add a little detergent and toss in a couple of towels or a pair of jeans. I put mine through a 12 minute cycle and it was perfect. You might have to check a couple of times to make sure it is felting to your liking. When it has finished rinsing and spinning, take it out of the bag, shape it and stuff it with newspapers and set it out to dry.

I'd LOVE to see pictures if you make one. Please leave a comment where I can see them.


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